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Introducing my new app: Harmonomics — an ear training app for iOS.

Harmonomics has over …


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2013 Year in Review

2013 Year in Review

2013 was certainly a busy year.

Lots of projects from years past continued into this …

Metronomics for Android

Metronomics for Android

Although it started as just a project for iPhone, Metronomics has grown over the years …

Metronomics HD for iPad and Mac

Metronomics HD for iPad and Mac

Metronomics HD, the big brother to the original Metronomics iOS app is now available in …



MIDIEcho is a simple utility for Mac OSX that runs as a menu item, playing


Metronomics is a metronome that I conceived of and programmed for iOS (iPhone, iPod Touch, …

Duo Chronicles

Clay Giberson and John Nastos present a new song each week for a year. ¬†Each …