May 2, 2012


MIDIEcho is a simple utility for Mac OSX that runs as a menu item, playing MIDI input from a connected keyboard or other controller through the General MIDI synth on the computer.

Quite a few times, I’ve found myself listening to music in iTunes and reaching for my MIDI keyboard to play along or figure out something that I heard on the recording. But, the MIDI controller doesn’t output sound by default — only when a program like Finale, GarageBand, Reason, etc. is open does the keyboard make sound. Unfortunately, all of those programs are resource hungry and slow the computer down when they’re open.

So, I created MIDIEcho, which runs as a “menulet” in the menu and echos MIDI input all the time. It can be configured to start up when you start your computer and is very lightweight — it won’t slow down the system. It can also be taught to listen for other MIDI capable applications and turn itself off when those applications open.

MIDIEcho can be found on the Mac App Store.

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