This is a partial discography of albums that John Nastos has played on or written music for:

Chuck Israels – Concerto Peligroso, Joyful Noise, Second Wind, Garden of Delights
Mel Brown / Gordon Lee – Tuesday Night
Alan Jones – Storyline
Tony Glausi – Bad Boy
The Bylines – The Bylines, The Bylines Live
Jessie Marquez – All I See is Sky
Go By Train – Transmission
Intervision – Intervision
Ezra Weiss – Before You Know It
Art Abrams – Speak Low, Swing Hard
Mick Schafer – One Silken Scarf
Christopher James – The Sad Waltz
Mike Prigodich – A Stitch In Time, etc. (multiple albums)
Chance Hayden – Get Somethin’
Stan Bock – Feelin’ It
Damian Erskine – So to Speak
Corey Brunish – Better Days
Charlie Porter – Charlie Porter
Chris Parker – Full Circle
Drew Shoals – The Greatest Haven’t Been Born Yet
Derek Hines – The Load Journey Home

Other albums by:
Keith Rivers
Sama Dams
Come Gather Round Us
Josh White
Kirsten Rian
Andrew Oliver Sextet
Obo Addy

Arrangements on albums by:
Art Abrams
Mick Schafer
Micky Dolenz
Stan Bock