Meet Metronomics and its big brother, Metronomics HD: a family of apps for iPhone, iPad, iPod, Mac, and Android built for real musicians — everyone from the absolute beginner to the seasoned professional can find features that make practice more accurate, more informative, and more productive.

If you’re a beginner, you’ll appreciate how easy it is to choose, display, and practice simple rhythms. Professionals can stretch the features to the limits, making use of custom subdivisions (think 5/7), sequenced grooves, and “independence” mode.

Musicians of all levels will be able to spend hours refining their time and precision with the “Inspector” feature in Metronomics HD that gives live feedback from either microphone or MIDI input. With the Metronomics HD Inspector, there’s no more uncertainty about whether you’re “rushing” or lagging behind in a tricky passage—the picture tells the story.

Your practice time is precious—make it count. Work with a tool created by and for real musicians.

Available for: iOS, Mac, Android


Harmonomics is an ear training tool for all musicians, from beginners to professionals.

An ear training app flexible enough to help YOUR ears, whether you are a beginner learning interval recognition or a professional who needs to recognize sequences of complex chords in inversions.

– 50+ exercises, from beginner to advanced
– Each exercise is customizable with exercise-specific settings
– Large chord library (over 35 chords, all of which come in different inversions)
– Creative exercises — exercises that go beyond the usual interval, melody, and chord identification
– Detailed statistics for each exercise, plus the ability to send reports to a teacher
– Motivating “achievements” for accuracy, questions per day/week/month, etc
– and more!

Available for: iOS, Mac, Android



PitchCenter is an innovative tuner that combines helpful visual feedback with a huge collection of adjustable settings to help you with your intonation. Use it as a simple tuner to check your intonation quickly, or dive into its extensive set of graphs and visualizations to work on your intonation in the practice room.

PitchCenter is made up of 9 different “panels.” Each panel displays tuning information in a different way and can be displayed or hidden using the buttons in the sidebar. These panels include:

– Tuner view: Standard tuner view including a needle, plus text with the note being played, the frequency of that note in Hz, and the difference between that frequency and what an “in-tune” note should be.
– Notation View: The notation view displays the current note on a staff.
– Difference Graph: displays pitch (measured in the difference in cents from “in-tune”) over time.
– Frequency Graph: shows the frequency of the pitch over time.
– Waveform View: shows a real-time picture of the current sound wave.
– Amplitude Graph: displays the amplitude (or volume) over time.
– Spectrogram: displays a visual representation of the prevalence of certain frequencies in the sound wave.
– Keyboard: allows you to play pitches using a built-in synthesizer.
– Play-along: PitchCenter features a play-along feature that can generate sequences of notes that will be played by the built-in synthesizer. You can then play along with the synthesizer, trying to stay in-tune with the notes being played by the app.

PitchCenter and its panels are highly customizable, including settings for:
– Equal and just intonation
– Frequency calibration (default is A=440)
– Clef preference (treble, bass, alto, tenor)
– Transposition (any arbitrary transposition — not just the common C, Eb, Bb, and F)
– Color and speed preferences for all the graphs
– Note ranges for the tuner, graphs, and play-along
– and more!

Available for: iOS

The John Nastos App

The best resource for keeping up with multi-instrumentalist John Nastos.

Get easy access to a calendar of upcoming shows, exclusive audio and video clips, links to products, information about his teaching studio, and more.

Receive notifications on your device for upcoming shows, announcements, etc.

Available for: iOS and Android