November 20, 2017

Harmonomics for Android!

Two years ago, in the Summer of 2015, I released Harmonomics, an ear training app for iOS.   Shortly thereafter, I released a macOS version.

Since Harmonomics’ release, I’ve used it with tons of students with great results.  Many of them make huge improvements in their ear training skills relatively quickly, since often the barrier to improvement is just a lack of access to good exercises that they can spend a lot of time with.

As with Metronomics, I often got inquires about Harmonomics for Android.  For quite a while (especially when it was iOS-only), I just didn’t have the time to dedicate to writing a completely new version of the app.  But, when I built the macOS version, I made the decision to write as much of the new code as possible in a cross-platform compatible way.  Although that didn’t make it possible for the Android version to get made right away, it at least prepped the landscape for later.

So, today I’m finally releasing Harmonomics for Android, with all the same great exercises and features that are part of the iOS/macOS versions (note: the one missing feature is hands-free, which may come later).

You can find the Android version in the Google Play Store.

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