In 2011, I was focusing quite a bit of time during my practice on rhythmic exercises and eventually came to the conclusion that there wasn’t a tool available to help work on what I wanted to practice.  So, I buckled down and spent tons of hours learning to write Objective-C code for iOS and eventually released Metronomics.

At the time I was building it, I figured maybe a couple hundred people would also find my tool useful.  Luckily, when I released it to the App Store, I found out that I had underestimated the response I would get, and I’ve been pleasantly surprised at the success that it had over the past six years.

Shortly after writing the first versions of Metronomics, I had come up with an idea for a tuner app — like Metronomics, which I view as more than your basic metronome, I had ideas for an app with many more features than what we’ve come to expect from a  tuner.  Unfortunately, at the time, I got stuck building it because of lack of mathematical expertise and nailing down the pitch recognition in a reliable way proved too difficult for me.

Now, years later (including many more hours of programming experience), I’ve finished building my newest app project, PitchCenter, which has all of the features I had envisioned back then.  PitchCenter has a variety of views and graphs that help you understand your pitch over time.  It has settings to work with equal temperament and just intonation with frequency calibration from 430-450Hz. It has waveform and spectrogram views that let you see the quality of your sound and work on adding or taking away brightness from your tone.

It also features a play-along section that will generate simple melodies to play along with and track your intonation as you attempt to play in-tune with the built-in synthesizer.  These melodies can even be “detuned” slightly like a real player so that you can practice playing along with something that doesn’t have perfect intonation.

PitchCenter (along with Metronomics and my ear training app Harmonomics) can be found in the App Store.

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