March 22, 2008

E4 Radio Play, Pictures, etc.

I’ve been busy subbing some shows in a production of "Dreamgirls" here in Portland, so I haven’t done any jazz gigs in the past week or so.  However, I have scraped up some blogging material, as I’ve been working with local photographer and jazz fan Redd Williams on a photo gallery for JazzPDX, and he sent some pictures he took of me.  The first is from a Produce Row jam session and the next two are from sitting in with Shelly Rudolph at Wilf’s.

E4 got some radio play tonight on Tom D’Antoni’s KMHD show.  Glad there are a few DJs on that station playing local music.

March 4, 2008

E4 at Jimmy Mak’s

Last night was E4’s first show since the summer. We played at Jimmy Mak’s, subbing for Balmer while he’s on tour. We had a good sized crowd that actually stuck around through the second set.

We were lucky to have a number of friends stop by at sit in, including Ben Darwish, Shelly Rudolph, and Russ Kleiner. Also nice to see other new and old friends like journalist Tom D’Antoni, bassist Eric Gruber (who has played often in my acoustic band), and jazz super-fan and community activist Pam Jones.

Instead of the usual E4 setup, we tried it with Clay playing mostly acoustic piano, Damian on his new fretless, and me splitting my time between alto and tenor. I liked the new sound – I think there was a bit more flexibility than our usual style.

I’m hoping to get some pictures from the event soon, but for now, here’s a clip from my composition “Weasel Socks”:


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