December 21, 2008

New tech project

I’m working on a new tech-related project: Tagalus (

It doesn’t have anything to do with music, but for those of you interested in blogging, Twitter, Flickr, or any other service that lets you ‘tag’ something, Tagalus might be of interest to you.  Basically, the service lets users create and vote on definitions for a tag.  Then, users wondering what a tag means can go to Tagalus (or ask @tagalus on Twitter) what the definition of the tag is.

For example, there’s a substantial snow storm going on in Portland right now, and lots of Twitterers are tagging their tweets with #pdxtst.  You can see the Tagalus page for pdxtst and see what the term means as well as find Flickr pictures, links to blog posts, YouTube videos and more that use that tag.