February 29, 2008

Website-related stuff

I’ve been changing hosts, upgrading WordPress, and all sorts of other technical stuff in the last couple of days. If all goes well, the site will be in 100% working order very soon. This means that all the old links/bookmarks to my site that may link to johnnastos.8m.com can be removed.
On my other site, JazzPDX.org, I’m going to launch a new category, called “Community Discussion,” to try to get some interactivity going on that site. My hope is that it can be a place where both musicians and audience members can comment about recent concerts, upcoming events, etc. The first topic is the recently-finished ’08 Portland Jazz Festival. You can visit the post and make a comment here.

February 27, 2008

New website design

I’ve once again updated my website and added some new features. On the right, you can now find a widget with links to the recent articles I’ve written for JazzPDX.org. Below that, there’s a box where you can enter your e-mail address to sign up for my mailing list. In the lowest box on the right side, you can find links to use your favorite feed-reeder (such as Bloglines or Google Reader) to keep up-to-date on updates to this site.

On the left, you can navigate through the various pages of the site, as well as see brief information about my upcoming shows.

Finally, I’ve started a blog, which I hope to use to talk in more detail about shows, projects, website work, etc. Visitors can comment on all of the posts on that page.

Future website plans: more audio and pictures soon.